See us in three locations
Sycamore | Rochelle | Elgin

815.787.9000 | 815.561.8855| 847-717-7347

Hours Of Operation

9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
After hours by appointment only

Contact Us

You can contact Braden Counseling Center via phone at (815) 787-9000, fax at (815) 787-9015, or email at

Our Locations

Sycamore (DeKalb), IL

  • 2600 DeKalb Ave., Suite J
  • Sycamore, IL 60178
  • (In the building with H&R Block across from the hospital.)
  • (815) 787-9000


  • You can park and enter from the front or back of the building, even though our office is in the back of the building.


Sycamore Building
Sycamore Building
Sycamore Building

Rochelle, IL

  • 951 S. 7th St., Suite G
  • Rochelle, IL 61068
  • (815) 561-8855


  • Enter through the front of the building and walk to the right of the reception area. Our office is the first one on the left.
Rochelle Building

Elgin, IL

  • 25 S. Grove Ave. #305
  • Elgin, IL 60120
  • (847) 717-7345


  • Park on the street or across from the building. Enter through the front entrance. If the door is locked, you will use the keypad to the left of the entry. Press the numbers 3 0 5 which will ring in our suite and we can buzz you in. The elevator is located in the right side of the lobby, take it up to the 3rd floor. Our suite is directly in front of you when the elevator door opens.
Elgin Building
Elgin Building
Elgin Building