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Drivers License

Driver’s License Reinstatement

A DUI arrest often impacts your ability to drive legally. If you license is suspended, you don’t need to schedule a hearing with the driver’s facility and only pay a reinstatement fee. It is suggested you send in your fee 45 days before the date you are scheduled to get your driving privileges back. Remember, just because you have sent in your fee, and the date you are able to drive has come, you are not legal until you receive notification from the Secretary of State that you are . You also don’t need to finish your court requirements in order to drive again. The court process and that of the Secretary of State are totally separate.

If you license has been revoked, that’s a different process. You will be required have a hearing with the Hearing Officer. An Informal Hearing is necessary if you have only been arrested for DUI or had a Statutory Summary of Suspension once. You will need to complete the majority of your treatment in order for your driving privileges to be reinstated. The Informal Hearings take place at the local Drivers License Facility where you will meet with a Hearing Officer. Most Drivers License Facilities do not have a Hearing Officer available every day to make sure to check before you go. They usually don’t take appointments either so typically first thing in the morning or right after lunch are best.

If you have been arrested for DUI twice or have had two Statutory Summary of Suspensions or more, you will need to attend a Formal Hearing. These are held at a limited number of locations and require you apply by mail for a hearing date. We have the forms you need to send in for this in the office. There is a $50 fee to have a hearing, which you send in with the request. It can take 3-6 weeks from the time you send in your request to the time you get a hearing date. The hearing date is often 3-6 weeks from the date you receive the notice. If you need help deciding when to send in your request, just ask us.

At Formal Hearing, you will need to have the majority of your treatment completed to have your license reinstated. It is possible to have your treatment completed and be in the process of finishing your continuing care when you go for your hearing. If you were classified as substance dependent, the Hearing Officer will require you are sober for 12 months, have a support network, and bring additional supporting documents related to your support network.

If you need to go to hearing, there are several documents you will need to take with you. Some of these you may have from when you did treatment, and others will need to be created. For example, your DUI evaluation is only valid for 6 moths and then needs to be updated. Every time you are denied reinstatement, the letter of denial you are sent needs to be addressed.

The license reinstatement process can appear very difficult. We can help take the mystery out of the process, and have for many who are now driving legally again. We have an outstanding reputation with the Secretary Of State and are very knowledgeable about what’s required. We can work with you to get the documents you need and share how to prepare for Hearing.